Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obligatory intro

I'm a geek from way back. I tried to write a multi-tasking multi-user networked operating system for my 8-bit 65c02-powered Apple IIe. When I was 12. At one point I made my living as a UNIX administrator, moonlighting as a code hack and technical reviewer for books with names like Professional PHP4. I even have my name on the cover of a book on arcane MySQL explorations.

Then I went to law school. Got the highest grade in the class in Computer Law. Would have been disappointed had it been otherwise. Have been trying to scratch out a career in that field, and still find myself moonlighting as a code hack and occasional sysadmin.

I'm going to write about nifty things I've managed to figure out setting up my Ubuntu Linux systems (I caught the bug when I got a Dell Mini 9 with their 8.04 LTS distribution on it; it's now running 9.10 Alpha 2 UNR, and when I got a Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 the first thing I did was repartition it to have Ubuntu 9.04 available -- I'm typing this under that OS), Java code I've hacked together (I may even plug a book I'm working on, if it ever gets ready for prime time), and developing legal matters (or just pet peeves) in the area of cyberspace.

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