Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Netbook bag

I picked up a cheap Targus bag, ostensibly for netbooks, at Best Buy for $30 about a month ago, mostly because it was (a) the only netbook case they carried and (b) was being offered in a promotion with an adorable free Ultra Mini Retractable Optical Mouse which made the bag almost free.  But it never felt quite right,  it didn't seem setup for netbooks.  When I began idly looking for a replacement case, it became clear why -- it wasn't a netbook case, it was (based on the DVD301-WM model number, and the inordinate number of 5" disc shaped pockets (in a case for a device that, as a rule, doesn't have an optical drive) a portable DVD player case.  Sigh.

My needs aren't great, but I did want things like a cellphone pouch and pen loops -- when I'm grabbing the Mini 9 to hit the road, it's with the expectation I'm going to do some work.  That, for me, involves at least one carry-along pen.  (And usually a bottle of Noodler's Polar, or Luxury, Blue, but I've digressed.  Yeah, fountain pens and bottled ink.  I kick it old-school, as I boot into my alpha release Linux environment...)

Anyway, just a shout out to the Targus TSM097US, which appears to be everything I need in a netbook case.  Not sure why more netbook cases don't provide at least pen loops, seems so basic.  This one actually seems useful for the urban bedouin.  No affiliation, just, if you're looking for what I was looking for, maybe now you'll find it.  (Though Best Buy didn't have it in with their cases, I had to hunt for it and found one lonely sample shoved back behind other bags under their netbook display models.  I'd looked it up online and knew it was in the store (or at least carried by the store), and flying out tomorrow afternoon, I was ... determined.

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